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Camembert Normandie

Taste a piece of history.

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Product Description

Floral and deep vegetal tones; Distinct aroma of terroir, firm to runny depending on ripeness; Perfect for baking.

Quick Facts

Country of Origin: France
Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow
Rennet Type: Animal

The Flavor Experience

With its full flavors of grass and subtle floral notes, this little wheel evokes the coastal pastures and white chalk cliffs of its native land. Barely firm will evolve into delightfully runny, but never overly assertive, as you watch Camembert Normandie evolve.

The Story

You’ll notice straight away that this cheese comes in a little wooden box, and this little box deserves a little recognition. In 1890, a French engineer, known merely as Monsieur Ridel, invented this lightweight box from thin strips of flexible wood held together by staples. Historically, soft cheeses like camembert were intended for sale and consumption near their source, while large, hard cheese were meant for travel and trade, but Ridel’s elegant design provided newfound protection for soft cheese, facilitating a greater and greater radius of distribution. Note, also, the date: his invention coincided with the expansion of the railroad , and of great concern to those of us on the opposite side of the Atlantic, came just in time for the invention of the airplane. Thank you, M. Ridel!

Usage Tips

This little wheel is mild enough to handle a heaping of more intense flavors, and the wheel-size is perfect for baked brie. Slather Camembert Normandie with Raspberry Jalapeno Jam from Ann’s Raspberry Farm and wrap in puff pastry for a baked brie that’s sure to break the blahs(serve this with a hoppy IPA to blaze your trails further).


Straight From the Monger’s Mouth

“This cheese is a great canvas for experimentation. There’s no limit to what you can top this with, and who can turn down the ooze of a baked brie?” — Tommy A., Monger & Di Bruno Born and Raised

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