Chocolate + Cheese Pairings

How to Pair Cheese and Chocolate

"Whaaa?  Cheese and chocolate?" you might gasp in wonderment and incredulous disbelief—YES! We all know that opposites attract, so suspend your doubts and dive into this maelstrom of flavorful, contrasting delights. Delicious Cheese and Mighty Chocolate are a duo not to be ignored! 

Step one:  
Taste your chocolate by itself!  Close your eyes, chew a few times, and then pause with the chocolate on your tongue.  Exhale slowly through your nose with your mouth closed—what do you taste?

Step two:  
The best pairings are either very similar in flavor (think citrus with other citrus), or they're complements of opposite styles (think sweet with salty). Pick a cheese that either has similar flavors to the chocolate, or find one that contrasts with a pleasant balance!

Step three:  
Don't forget texture!  When a chocolate is rich, creamy, and soft, it might be overwhelming to choose a buttery, decadent cheese like a triple cream brie - go for the contrast with something a little more toothsome.  For flaky, slate-like bars, feel free to layer on the creamy or dense cheeses like fresh goat or smooth, milky Swiss cheeses.

Remember, it's almost Halloween, so don't be afraid to dress things up.  Add jams and chutneys, chopped nuts, or dried fruit.

It takes two to make a thing go right, people. Close your eyes and prepare to take the leap!

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