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Our Hero...Cheese!

Hero Cheese


Boasting the Spanish government's seal of approval, this cheese is named after the year "Don Quixote" was published by Cervantes. Full of sugared almond notes with a sweet hint of hay, Manchego 1605 pairs with nearly any jam, honey or Spanish cured meat. Picture yourself on a romantic hillside looking over a herd of sheep as the Spanish sun sets in front of you...then take a bite of this nutty, rustic work of art.



How to build a cheese board around Manchego 1605:
Classic and timeless, pair Manchego 1605 with Spanish charcuterie - we love a mix of Dry Cured Iberico Chorizo for something toothsome with a hint of spice, and Jamon Serrano for something slightly more delicate, a meat that will quite literally melt on your tongue. Add salty marcona almonds, fruity membrillo (quince paste) and a streak of hearty Spanish honey. 



How to Enjoy Manchego

  • The classic Manchego cheese board would have Marcona almonds, membrillo and some briny green olives.
  • A glass of sherry or some Tempranillo are the ideal beverage pairings, or even a funky Basque cider.
  • If you like your cheese accompaniments on the sweeter side, try with a touch of lavender honey or some sweet, sweet raspberry jam. 
  • You can Manche-go your own way with this one, but it's a sandwich cheese at heart. Layer in a lunchtime sandwich with some ham and olive tapenade.


Grab these and prepare to pair!

Jamon Serrano
Jamon Serrano
Fresh ham rolled in sea salt and hung in rafters to age for well over a year. Melts on the tongue and livens up a tapas board.
Fig Jam
Fig & Acacia Honey Jam
Meet cheese's best friend. A sweet and tangy spread made in Italy using the finest of ingredients, including juicy figs and mild acacia honey.
Castelvetrano Olives
uttery, rich, and temperately salty, these Sicily-grown olives are harvested young and imported fresh. Their mild taste lacks a pungent bitter taste, making them the perfect choice for refined and adventurous palates to cautious and safe olive-eaters.
Bacon Jam
Dry Cured Iberico Chorizo
Made from native Ibérico pigs, Fermin's Chorizo is marinated in olive oil, garlic, sea salt and mild pimenton, then hung to dry in the crisp air of the mountain village La Alberca. Rich in both color and flavor, with delicate, delectable Ibérico fat throughout each slice.