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Hero Cheese


A unique cheddar/Gruyere hybrid crafted exclusively in both Seattle and New York, Beecher's Flagship Reserve is an award-winning iteration of an already-beloved American original. Produced only on days where the local milk composition is just right, Flagship Reserve features lower moisure and higher salt content, resulting in a rich, creamy flavor with a long, spectactular finish.
Named Best Clothbound Cheddar at the 2016 American Cheese Society Awards.



How to enjoy Beecher's Flagship Reserve:

  • Featured on a delicious, artisan cheese plate.
  • Pair and serve with a range of condiments, from peppery and spiced to fruity and sweet. 
  • Enjoy with a Syrah or Brown Ale.
  • Shave over a bountiful, leafy salad.
  • Fold into your morning omelette.

Flagship Reserve — An American Gladiator! 



Grab these and prepare to pair!

Basque Black Cherry Jam
Dark and mysterious in description, but rich, bright and friendly in flavor. An artisan preserve made with black cherries from a small village in French Basque Country, adds a sweet, yet tart pop to this nutty cheese.
Classic Bacon Jam
This jam is cooked down with sugar, beer and spices and has over 1/2 a lb of bacon in each jar! A little bit goes a long way, and every little bit is delicious.
Not just any cured ham can call itself Iberico; it takes meat produced by special Iberico pigs native to Spain to earn the honor. Salchichon de Vic starts with free-range Iberico pigs raised on a diet of Spanish acorns in mountain oak meadows. It's made in a similar manner to chorizo, but without the traditional pimenton.
Fig Salami
Fig Salami
Magically all of sweet and savory in every bite, these fig-based salamis have just the right amount of chew, but slice beautifully for your next cheese board or stacked snack. A delightful counterpoint to this month's hero.