Our Shared Outlook

Cheese is more than cheese. It's all the work that goes into making that cheese. The land, the milk, the care.
Below are some partners we've highlighted to show that care.

Our ideal vendors have one or all of the following characteristics: 1) They are artisans of their craft. 2) They are inventive and pioneering in their specialties. 3) They honor traditions and bring global flavors. 4) Commitment to high quality, traditional production methods. 5) They craft products that outshine the rest in their category 6) Local or glocal minded

Producers we Love

Neal's Yard Dary

If you are aware that the oft-mocked British cheese assortment actually contains some of the most noble and time-honored cheeses in Europe, odds are Neal’s Yard Dairy played a part in your enlightenment.

Neal’s Yard Dairy does something that very few exporters are able to do: they work directly with each cheese maker, advising them on how to alter a recipe to abide by traditional methods. As a result, they have revived many styles of authentic British cheeses, including Cheddar and Stilton.

Do you know that traditional Cheddar is bound in cloth and doesn’t need to be aged even two years to develop rich flavors? Thank NYD.

Are you aware that traditional Stilton is not bound in purple wax, and should not be intensely “blue” in flavor? Thank NYD.

Have you wanted to try authentic Caerphilly, that cheese that Wallace and Gromit rave about? NYD makes it possible.

The other side of working with the makers is working with the retailer, and NYD has committed countless hours to training American mongers on their craft. To date, three Di Bruno mongers have visited Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, working the retail stores, assisting in the maturation of cheese, and visiting farms.

They can be found in Di Bruno stores every June, along with a couple of their superb cheese makers, as part of our Legends Series.


Columbia Cheese

Columbia Cheese is dedicated to sourcing and celebrating traditional the cheeses of central Europe, primarily in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Even the most casual consumer of cheese is familiar with Gruyere and Emmenthaler, but beyond that, cheeses from these countries exist in relative obscurity. Columbia Cheese is helping to change that.

If you have ever experience extreme elation after tasting Challerhocker, Columbia is responsible for that. So, too, if you have sampled the Scharfe Maxx S’more, or been confounded by the fudge-like consistency of Chiriboga Blue.

Columbia was founded by Joe Moskowitz, and is currently run by his son, Adam. Adam has surrounded himself with great talent, Glenn and Jon, who routinely make the trip to Philadelphia to work with staff, conduct demos and build relationships.

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