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Italian Market

The Franklin

With Di Bruno Bros. After Hours, our Franklin or 9th St. locations remain open to you and your guests to enjoy a private shopping experience that affords you the tastes and smells of our shops. In addition to our artisan cheeses, gourmet charcuterie and antipasti, our cheesemongers will whip up select concoctions not available elsewhere, while they regale you with wondrous facts and tales of life behind the cheese counter. This BYOB-friendly event is a unique chance for an in-depth look into, and taste of, all that is Di Bruno Bros.

Here are a few more delectable details!

  • BYOB wine & beer OR pick a curated wine pairing package that was customized by our wine & cheese teams together.
  • Private shopping and tasting experience for 2 hours.
  • Personal tutorial from our cheesemongers (includes cheese, charcuterie, oil, antipasto, vinegar, condiments).
  • Our store is your store: customers are free to taste practically anything in the shop.
  • Enjoy composed plates of current Cheesemonger picks and pairings prepared while your party watches.
  • 20% off all purchases (whoop!)
  • A Special Di Bruno Bros. gift.
  • Stand behind the counter where Danny & Joe once stood and become a part of the Di Bruno family.
  • Don’t forget your camera (and to tag #dbafterhours to appear on the Instagram feed below)!




What days of the week and time of day do you hold the program?

Details for our Italian Market location are:
Tuesday-Saturday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Sundays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Details for our Franklin location are:
Saturday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Sunday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Is this a BYOB program?
You may BYOB at either the Franklin or Italian Market stores if you would like, or you may add on one of our curated wine pairing packages and have us do the work for you. We also have additional wine and beer available on-site at our Franklin location, and the Di Bruno 9th Street Bottle Shop is located two doors down from our Italian Market location. 


Do you provide glassware and general service ware?
Yes, we provide disposable wine glasses, plates, silverware and serving utensils. If you would like to bring in something special for us to serve your guests with, please inform us and we will make arrangements.


Do you offer pairing menus for beer or wine?
We do! Scroll back up and check them out! Our pairing packages are intended to pair wtih a wide variety of bites, as our cheesemongers will be preparing plates and smaller bites from our extensive collection of cheeses, charcuteries, and condiments for your event.

If you would like to curate your own pairing experience, the staff on-site at our Franklin store, or down the block from our Italian Market store at the 9th Street Bottle Shop will all be happy to help you pick out the perfect wines and beers. 


Can I bring in a cake?
Yes, you may bring in a cake or other dessert item of your preference. Please let us know in advance.


Where are your locations?
Our Italian Market shop is at 930 S. 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Our Franklin shop is located at 834 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (main entrance is on 9th Street).


Do you have parking?
No, we do not have a parking lot however there are many privately run lots in the city of Philadelphia.


What can we expect the night of the program?
The event is a private tasting and shopping experience at our original location, in the Italian Market as well as our Franklin location at 9th & Sansom. You are invited to taste your way through our store as our expert cheesemongers provide several curated plates of unique pairings. All of your guests are able to shop our store at a 20%  discount and will also leave with a little gift from us!


Can we have guests that are under age?
Yes, you may have under age guests, but no guest under 21 years of age may consume alcoholic beverages.


What if a guest has a specific food allergy or is a vegetarian?
Our team can always accommodate food allergies so please tell us in advance and our cheesemongers will prepare the menu accordingly. If you would like to bring in a specific food for a guest (e.g. a particular gluten free cracker) please feel free to do so to ensure your guests are comfortable. We can always keep food types separated so there will not be cross contamination for vegetarians we are serving that evening.


Is tipping allowed?
Yes, but it is not required. If our cheesemongers go above and beyond for your event, tips are always appreciated. If you are incredibly WOW'd and would like to provide a gratuity, you can either leave a cash tip, or add a tip to your payment.
Got more questions?
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