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The World Traveler

Go where your stomach takes you...

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No need to save up your frequent flyer miles, we've gathered some of the globe's finest foodstuffs, developed exceptional pairings, and brought the world to your doorstep. The World Traveler Crate features a series of cheeses, meats, condiments and crackers that will have you expanding your culinary horizons without having to step outside! From the golden Spanish plains to the flowering French countryside, you're about to embark on a journey of epic and delicious proportions.

  • Manchego - Spain's most popular cheese, with good reason. Smooth and meltable, Manchego combines the taste of tradition with comfort and pure, simple bliss. Buttery and springy, tinged with fresh Spanish grasses.

  • La Quercia Prosciutto - Cured using only sun-dried sea salt, the silken texture of this meat is matched only by its outstanding flavor. Subtle and nuanced with a sweet, salty, and slightly nutty profile. Use it as you would the finest from Parma—on your antipasto plates, in your favorite sandwich, or by itself with some crusty bread.

  • Olive Oil Crostini - The perfect vessel for countless cheeses. With a heavenly crunch, this handcrafted, artisanal crostini brings the Mediterranean straight to your cheese board. 

  • Ossau Iraty - Buttery and rich with a fruity finish, firm but with a melt-in-your-mouth richness. A delicious gateway to sheep's milk cheeses with a finish of black olives and toasted hazelnuts.

  • Three Little Pigs Petite Toasts - Buttery, mellow and airy, these bite-sized pieces of toast have the crunch of a crisped baguette and make the ideal base for canapés.

  • D'Artagnan Saucisson Sec - The French answer to salami. The preparation of this delicious cured meat is based on a French recipe and seasoned with white pepper, nutmeg, and garlic.

  • Piave Vecchio - Tropically fruity with a bitter almond undercurrent. With Grana Padano's crystalline texture with a more buttery mouthfeel. Nutty, fruity and bold. 

  • DB Sweet Soppressata - Our recipe and process stay true to traditional Italian salami. Made with regional Italian spices, they are slow air-cured for at least 45 days in this old-world technique. Pairs perfectly with virtually any cheese!

  • Bellei Crema all’ Aceto Balsamico - The balsamic reduction that saves you one ruined pan. Rich with molasses sweetness, the dark, winey notes of its mother vinegar, and a hypnotizing glossy sheen, this concentrated glaze is just the thing for everyday drizzling and heavy, fantastic dressing.

  • Montgomery's Farmhouse Cheddar - Firm with a crumbly texture and a long, balanced finish. Peel back the cloth rind, break into a wheel, and you'll find a cheese that is rich and toasty, exhibiting none of the acid sharpness of block cheddar.

  • Blake Hill Orange & Bourbon Whiskey Marmalade - Rich, smooth, complex marmalade, simmered with fresh oranges and an award-winning, small -batch, bourbon whiskey to produce a smoky, rich, citrusy spread.

  • Mitica Membrillo - This deliciously tart-yet-sweet paste is produced using quinces and is traditional in both Portuguese and Spanish cuisines. An ideal topping to toasted bread and sandwiches, Membrillo is also a perfect partner for the smooth flavors of almonds and olives you can taste in Manchego, the Spanish sheep’s milk cheese.

  • Fermin Iberico Chorizo - Made from native Iberico pigs, Fermin's Chorizo is marinated in olive oil, garlic, sea salt and mild pimenton, then hung to dry in the crisp air of the mountain village La Alberca. This Iberico Dry-Cured Chorizo is sliced up salami style, for wide, thin slices you’ll pop like candy. Rich in both color and flavor, with delicate, delectable Iberico fat throughout each slice.

  • Marieke Mature Gouda - Toeing the line between fresh cream and gentle caramel, supple and firm yet pliable. The epitome of Dutch cheese craftsmanship, but made in Wisconsin. 

  • Skillet Original Bacon Spread - A bacon, balsamic, and brown sugar mouth-watering concoction. Great for sandwiches, burgers, mac and cheese, or anything else you can dream up.

  • DB Cheese Knife - For soft and semi-firm cheese, this cheesy knife comes to us care of Boska from Holland. Made with beechwood and stainless steel.



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