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Shop Game Day!


Videos Filled With Cheese!  

Believe us when we say there's no way to experience Di Bruno's without standing in front of our counters and talking to our people.  We thrive on our customer interactions, and our all-time favorite thing to do is share our knowledge, stories, and experience with anyone within earshot.  Watch us get cheesy for the camera in our natural environment, and you've got a one-way ticket to some killer food facts!

What the heck is a cheesemonger? How do I make a cheese plate? Can I wrap cheese in plastic at home? All burning questions, all with answers. But while we could just rattle them off in a blog post, we've put the limelight on two of our veterans to give you answers with gusto! Watch Emilio and Hunter run through the gamut of questions we get asked every day behind the cheese counter, and see how much they love doing what they do.

Hunter is a Certified Cheese Professional (he'll tell you what that is, don't worry) and has been working for Di Bruno's since he was a teenager! Don't be fooled by his deep voice and intimidating stature - he's got the knowledge and experience to back it all up, not to mention the giggle of a magical leprechaun (which has yet to be captured on film).

FOOD 101

Welcome to class, folks, but you're going to leave hungry for more.  Watch as our third-generation owner Emilio walks us through the starter facts of cheese, charcuterie, and olive oil with a few Certified Cheese Professionals who've been working with us for years and years.

These guys know just about everything from soup to nuts, and each one offers a different perspective on how to eat, shop, and enjoy our hundreds of products.  Check out the lightening round, too - everything you need to know about beverage pairings and pizza cheeses, in under a minute! 


Nobody likes the spotlight more than our VP of Culinary Pioneering, Emilio, and he's earned the right to take center stage with his unbelievable knowledge of all things cheese.  Emilio and Rocco, who captains our original shop in the Italian Market, take you through the basics of cheese in a style all their own.  We'll even throw in some tips on how to buy.

Grab a pen, a beer, a cheese plate - whatever!  But take a gander at how cheeses are split up by family, milk type, rennet, and texture.  Learn about cheesemakers and listen to Rocco give Emilio a hard time, and then figure out what we mean when we say "seasonal cheeses".  Also, did you ever think you were doomed by nature to be lactose intolerant and curse the days when you can't eat cheese?  Well that's about to change.


Sounds like a fancy word, but if you've ever had salami, pepperoni, or prosciutto, then you're already in the charcuterie game.  Rocco, one of our 7 Certified Cheese Professionals, and the ever-engaging Emilio give you a quick rundown of what exactly falls into this category.

 How do I make a meat plate?  Is salami ground coarse or fine?  You'll find the answers here, along with some surprising facts about the other members of the charcuterie family.  Hint:  There's definitely some fish involved, and charcuterie can be as soft and spreadable as butter!



Jump behind the counter with Emilio and Mark, another Certified Cheese Professional and studious world-traveler, as they dip into some of our renowned olive oils.  They'll walk you through reading labels, usage, and our super-special relationship with some oil producers in Italy.

If you've ever wondered why so many different oils exist, or which one to use for cooking and which one to dip some bread into, sit back and relax while these two experts get a little bit nerdy over our long relationship with our favorite condiment and recipe base.  Mangia!


We are a pioneering specialty food retailer and importer that began with a modest shop in the now-iconic South Philadelphia Italian Market in 1939; today, we employ more than 350 proud team members and have evolved into a community-driven enterprise with our five retail locations, catering, import and e-commerce divisions.

For 75 years Di Bruno Bros. has offered nothing but the highest quality products, made with integrity (often in-house), and infused with the story of the people who made them. It’s a story of discovery, of two brothers, aunts and uncles, of Culinary Pioneers and Philadelphians. And it is that "dinner table mentality" that has enabled Di Bruno Bros. to not only endure for so long, but also to grow and prosper both locally and nationally. 

Watch our special anniversary videos as the camera strolls through our shops, pops behind the counter, and chats with so many of our amazing team members.  Our incredible story is what makes us proud to come to work every day, and let's face it, the delicious food isn't so bad, either.