Who We Are

Who We Are

Philly-proud. Cheese-centric. Legacy-inspired. Purveyors of Happiness.

Walk into our shops and you'll notice there's just something in the air here (and it's not just the smell of cheese). It's magical. Meet a monger and hear a tale of cheesemakers near and far, explore a world of culinary delights, hit the prepared foods counter for deliciously easy eating. Walk by any counter and you'll hear plenty of "you gotta try this" and "mmm... what IS that," accompanied by that wide-eyed look that any food lover knows well. We share a taste of something incredible with everyone who walks through our doors. We make sure every visit to Di Bruno Bros. offers a bite of something that is delicious and maybe even life-changing. Pro-Tip: Ask our mongers for a bite of their favorite cheese pairing of the moment.

Our love for food drives us to be experts.

What's better than finding that new something that all your friends go crazy over? Before you know it, everyone’s calling you up saying, “Have you tried this yet?” and “Oh, try it like that and get ready to be wowed!” That’s the feeling we strive for everyday. Back that up with a dedication to knowing all there is about the food world—from learning about generations of cheesemakers, the way Prosciutto di Parma has been made for the same way for centuries, and the process for which rennet comes together with milk to become cheese. To be straight up, we are complete food nerds and proud of it.


We’re all about the stories.

Roos van Schie, who works with our beloved Betty Koster, makes some of the world’s best Gouda, and literally sings to her goats! A family in Italy, who alternates naming their kids either Giorgio or Giacomo each generation for the last 300 years, makes Cravero Parmigiano. Ari Miller from 1732 has his entire family help make their 1732 Bacon out of Philly. Tonewood Maple products are literally made in their owner’s backyard, one huge property in Vermont. Pull up a chair, grab a hunk of your favorite cheese, and get ready to meet food makers from across the globe.

We care about people.

This one’s the most important, and sometime difficult to describe, so here’s the honest truth. Di Bruno Bros. is a family, and we have strong family values. We care about the people who stand next to us—on our team, our customers, and across our neighborhoods and communities. We know we wouldn't be where we are today, with over 80 years in Philly, without great people, great customers, and being a part of the community.
Sometime's it's a big thing like the St. James School in North Philadelphia needing a new community kitchen.  Other times, it's about the little things we can do. When our CCPs Leslie and Mark were nonstop studying for their exam—we made sure to take them out for a good time to calm their nerves. And then they rocked the exam!. Then there's times where we don't hesitate to step in and do the right thing.  We let a customer down—we always make sure to make it right.