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The Cucina

Bountiful gift box for the budding chef.

Quick Overview :

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Product Description

Overflowing with noodles, sauce, oil, salts and more, The Cucina is the ultimate cook & pantry perfecter! 

If you love your kitchen as much as we love ours, give it a one-of-a-kind treat and stock it with the finest oils, pastas, cheeses and meats. With this gourmet gift box you can work your way through our sauces and pantry items for a pasta journey you won't soon forget.





Basket Includes:

  • Parmigiano Reggiano - Since we first opened our doors in 1939, our house Parmigiano Reggiano has been our number one seller. Often referred to as The King of Cheese, it is as versatile as it is full-flavored, as revered as it is complex, and as delicious as it is affordable.

  • House-Aged Domestic Provolone - Here in Philadelphia, provolone is a staple at every single sandwich shop in the city. We take our provolone seriously - our Domestic House Aged Provolone is savory, spicy, and subtly smoky. Slice off sliver after sliver, and picture yourself relaxing on a rolling Tuscan hill, snacking till sunset.

  • Balsamic Glaze - This delicious glaze is the balsamic reduction that saves you one ruined pan. Rich with molasses sweetness, the dark, winey notes of its mother vinegar, and a hypnotizing glossy sheen, this concentrated glaze is just the thing for everyday drizzling and special occasion dousing.

  • Classico Olive Oil - A fine, cold-pressed Umbrian olive oil from the heartland of Italy. This all-purpose oil is a pantry staple that makes an ideal base for cooking and baking while retaining enough complexity to be used for marinades and dressings. 

  • Bartolini Fusilli GiganteDelicious dry pasta made with artisanal durum wheat flour and cut on bronze molds. Imported from Umbria, Bartolini Fusilli Gigante are large curly cues of delight, ready to cook and serve al dente.

  • Sweet Basil & Garlic Sauce - The Di Bruno Bros. time-honored tradition of culinary pioneering continues with this all-natural sauce accentuated with hand-picked basil and savory garlic. An excellent compliment to all of your favorite pasta, meat, and seafood dishes.

  • Sabatino Truffle Salt - Ground truffles and kosher sea salt mixed together create a salty, earthy, spicy-peppery seasoning. Be careful to keep the package properly sealed to properly preserve the truffle aroma.

  • Rustichella d'Abruzzo Bucatini - This long, skinny pasta looks like spaghetti, but it's thicker and has a hole running down the center. Add light red sauce and guanciale, pancetta, or chopped unsmoked bacon for a classic Bucatini All'Amatriciana.

  • Maestri Salame Rustico - Snacking is made easy with this classic salame from the Parma region that you already love for Prosciutto.

  • Italian Market-Style Pepperoni - One of our most popular charcuterie items, this pepperoni is just as delicious on a homemade pizza as it is accompanying a strong Italian wine and some sharp Provolone. 

  • Campanini Arborio RiceArborio is the most well known Italian rice, otherwise known as the rice of risotto. During cooking the external part of the grain cooks more quickly than the central part, which stays al dente. Campanini is a third generation family company who specialize in rice and grains. 

  • Olive Oil Crostini - If there is nothing more enjoyable to you that the unique Mediterranean aroma of olive oil, then you're in for a treat. Take a bite of this heaven-sent crostini and be Italiano!

  • Abbruzze SpiceOur beloved hot pepper-and-cheddar Abbruzze cheese spread, embodied in a delicious seasoning. Sprinkle your favorite Di Bruno flavor on just about anything!

  • Taygetus Oregano Eat AND learn: Oregano isn't really an herb, but rather a name used to define nearly 40 plants available across the world that respond to the same flavor profile. Greece is where the most praised varieties come from and Mount Taygetus is home to the most popular of all Greek oreganos.

  • Cerignola Olives - If you’ve never been a fan of olives, this is the game-changer. Meaty, buttery, and delicate, these green gems of goodness are imported by Di Bruno Bros. from the Bari province of Italy and are our most popular olive type. 

  • Roasted Peppers - These sweet, fire-roasted peppers are marinated with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and Italian spices. A staple at Philly sandwich emporiums, we put these bad boys on every antipasti plate we serve. Robust and smoky, smooth and savory!

  • White Truffle HoneyAn authentic Italian product, this aromatic honey is perfect for drizzling over any table cheese or a deep, rich chocolate. Try some, and you’re gonna agree that this might be the most incredible condiment ever. Warning: your friends will be asking for this honey for years to come.

  • Pesto SauceReady-to-eat basil, garlic goodness for pasta and beyond. It's pesto, presto! Toss with a twisty shape of pasta, like Fusili, spread inside a sandwich for an herby, garlicky kick or toss with roasted vegetables as an alternative to vinaigrette.




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