New Year's

Celebrate safely and celebrate in style. 2021 couldn't come soon enough, so you may as well welcome it with the finest, abundant spread around. Treat yourself and explore the world of pairings, as you sip your favorite beverages and prepare to pop open the bubbly. Check out some New Year's pairing recommendations.

Pairs Well With Everything!
Delice de BourgogneNormandie Brie, & Truffle Tremor are superstars paired with just about any bubbly beverage.
They're the most delicious no-brainers that you ever did taste.

Prosecco Fans... 
Your favorite crisp & light bubbly wine pairs best with the buffalo milk richness of Casatica.
This pairing will please your taste buds time and time again.

A Bold New Year
Moscato and/or Spumante, sweet & delightfully low in alcohol, pairs up with the ultra creamy and barely-blue Chiriboga, bold & earthy.

Get Fruity
Rosé Champagne, fruity & versatile, pairs up with firmer sheep's milk cheeses such as Ossau Iraty, toasty & nutty.

A Toast to 2021
Lambrusco, the dry sparkling red wine adored by wine-os all over, pairs traditionally with a hunk of Parmigiano Reggiano. We also recommend testing it our with some Comté Fleuror Le Cret 1655 Gruyere, toasty & nutty.

Cava converts should grab a hunk of Manchego 1605, a firm raw milk Manchego with surprising creaminess on the palate. 

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